Development Release: Fedora 8 Test 2

Fedora 8出新的測試版了,有興趣的可以去抓來玩玩

Jesse Keating has announced the second test release of Fedora 8: "This is the second test release of the Fedora 8 release, which is scheduled for November 8, 2007." Both the release announcement and the release notesare sketchy about the changes in this release, but we know that it doesinclude the latest release candidate of GNOME 2.20, a release candidateof kernel 2.6.23, a new system logging daemon called Rsyslog, andPulseAudio - an advanced sound server which is compatible with nearlyall existing Linux sound systems and allows for hot-switching audiooutputs. If you are interested in helping to beta test this release,please download the installation DVD and live CD images from these mirrors sites or get them via BitTorrent: Fedora-8-Test-2-i386.iso (2,885MB), Fedora-8-Test-2-x86_64.iso (3,427MB).